Sony DCR-PC350 Camcorder Preview

Quote from the review:

“It’s tough to make any hard conclusions on the DCR-PC350’s video performance because the model we looked at was a pre-production model, however we had a DCR-PC330 on hand to compare it to, and our initial results were quite positive. Sony stated that the video performance was improved, and it definitely was. At 3000 lux, the PC330 and PC350 look very similar. Both camcorders reproduce the chart’s colors well with crisp delineations between colors, and minimal washing, which is usually evident in bright light conditions. The PC350 presents colors a bit crisper than the PC330 at 3000 lux. The PC330’s colors seem a bit too saturated in the yellows, greens, and blues while its reds appear duller than the PC350s. As far as a balanced spectrum goes, the PC350 definitely offers a more balanced representation of the color spectrum. While its colors may not be as bright and as vibrant at 3000 lux as the PC330’s, the balance is definitely there, making the image less jarring to look at. Both camcorders reproduce the gray scale well at 3000 lux with the PC350 offering a slightly more balanced, less washed version. It seems the minor changes Sony made were effective.”

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