Sony’s standalone QX lens camera may soon attach to Android tablets and iPads

Sony’s Cyber-shot QX series can be used with smartphones and tablets, but the built-in attachment arms that secure the camera to a smart device can only accommodate smartphones up to a certain size – phablets and tablets are too big, so you’d have to manually hold the lens camera in one hand and the tablet in the other. According to Engadget (via Xperia Blog/Talk Android), Sony in Japan is selling a new mount, the SPA-TA1, that would accommodate large-sized devices (the mount comes with six adjustable arms).

Sony designed the QX cameras to complement smart devices, giving users a better way to capture images than using what’s onboard. This is particularly true for tablets, which don’t have cameras that are as good as their smartphone counterparts. Whether you like it or not, people do enjoy taking photos with their tablets, so having a way to use a QX camera with it makes sense.

The mount will go on sale in April in Japan for equivalent of $36, but there’s no word that it’ll make it stateside. The CP+ camera show in Japan will take place soon, so Sony may make some announcements then.