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‘Wanderlust’ YouTube series follows landscape photographers around the globe

YouTube photography celebrities Tony and Chelsea Northrup have kicked off Wanderlust, a new series dedicated to showing the life and adventures of travel photographers.

Filming for this series started back in 2014, but only now are Tony and Chelsea getting around to sharing the series. Four episodes have been shared so far, each of which were filmed at and named after a particular location or landmark: California, Mobius Arch, Alabama Hills, and Yosemite.

At each location, Tony and Chelsea meet up with other photographers and spend time capturing the beauty around them. Along the way, they showcase how they do it, what gear they’re using, and provide other helpful tidbits. Each new location is a new challenge for the duo.

Wanderlust strays away from Tony and Chelsea’s usual video approach, but in doing so it breaks open a whole new realm of exciting advice and adventures. The episodes, which average around 15 minutes in length, feel a bit like a docu-series you might find on The History Channel and The Discovery Channel — with a photography twist.

Only four episodes have been uploaded so far to the Wanderlust playlist, the first of which is above and the remaining three below. But there are many more in the queue, including locations around the globe. Future episodes will take place in Montana, Washington DC, Amsterdam, Paris, Istanbul, Machu Piccu, and more.

If you live in a scenic area you believe Tony and Chelsea would be interested in, they’re asking viewers to submit video auditions for upcoming episodes.

To make sure you can keep up with future episodes, be sure to head over to YouTube to subscribe to their YouTube Channel.

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