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Between the Streams: ‘Logan’ finds bloody catharsis, ‘Guardians’ trailer breakdown

DT’s weekly entertainment show, Between the Streams, is your guide to all of the hottest, most important, and (of course) dumbest new developments in streaming and entertainment, providing a handy recap of the week that was, and a preview for what’s ahead. Follow us here every Friday, or add us via RSS, iTunes, or Stitcher at the links below to take BtS on the road!

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Today’s show begins with our spoiler-free review of Logan, which set out to turn the entire superhero cinematic model on its head — and does so brilliantly. This is a brooding, dark look at a superhero on his last legs, filled with as many dramatic themes like mortality, family, and the future of humanity as it is with cathartic, bloody gore. In short, it’s a complex and genre-bending ride through X-Men land that pulls no punches, presenting a fittingly bittersweet end to Hugh Jackman’s 17-year turn as the most iconic character in the X-Men canon.

Of course, there are other movies at the box office this week, which we’ll touch on shortly, but our recommendation is Logan or bust for new films. If, however, you haven’t yet seen Get Out, that is an absolute imperative. One of the best horror movies of the decade, it’s also as funny as it is scary, and another genre-bender that delivers infinitely more gravity than your average popcorn flick.

Elsewhere in the world of entertainment, it was a huge week for trailers (yuuuge!). We got new looks at a slew of big-budget blockbusters, including Alien: CovenantKong: Skull Island, Brad Pitt’s new Netflix farce War Machine, and last but certainly not least, Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2. All of the trailers stirred up some buzz, and we’ll be talking about why, as well as what they tell us about the films they’re pushing.

Speaking of Netflix, the streaming juggernaut has been spending money like it’s going out of style these days, especially when it comes to high-profile comedians. Louis CK is the latest get for big red, following huge deals for comic icons like Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and Dave Chappelle, among many others. In addition, the service showed off a very brief teaser for its odd new bio-series about the bizarre ’80s women wrestling series known as GLOW. In addition, the streamer put up $105 million for Martin Scorsese’s new film, The Irishman, which will unite the some of the legendary director’s favorite actors, including Joe Pesci, Robert DeNiro, and Al Pacino.

Finally, our own Greg Nibler will tell you why Legend may just be one of the best TV series he’s ever seen.

You’ll get all that and more on today’s show, so join us live today at 2 p.m. PT, or take our podcast along by subscribing via one of the links above!

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