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Between the Streams: ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ trailer breakdown, ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ rocks

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We always say it’s been a big week for news, but damn, this time we are not kidding around. This week’s show will start with a retrospective about the changes streaming has made in our lives and how we … kidding! We will of course be starting this week’s show about all things Star Wars, including highlights from the franchise’s 40th anniversary celebration in Orlando, as well as going over the brand-new, sleek and dark-toned, utterly intriguing trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Along with enjoying every micron of the trailer — from Rey’s blazing lightsaber on a rocky precipice, to the Millennium Falcon blowing up bad guys — everyone has one question on their minds following Lucasfilm’s first big tease of its new tentpole: What the hell did Luke’s comment, “It’s time for the Jedi to end,” really mean? Well, we have some interesting theories about this that may just soothe some worried Light Side fans, which we will be discussing at length on today’s show.

But, contrary to what you might expect, it’s not all Star Wars today. In fact, there was a treasure trove of news elsewhere in the entertainment multiverse this week, not the least of which was the nearly-as-awesome new trailer for Taika Waititi’s new Marvel film, Thor: Ragnarok (we never said it wasn’t all Disney today). The film’s first trailer broke earlier this week, revealing a colorful mishmash of Avenger’s comic lore rolled into a brilliant mix of levity and gravity for what could just be the best of Thor’s stand-alone films. I mean, have you seen this thing? From Cate Blanchett’s impressive thorny crown as the villain Hela, to Jeff Goldblum’s wacky Grandmaster makeup, to the final scene of Thor and Hulk throwing down gladiator style, this looks like one awesome ride through Valhalla and beyond. Also, could there be any better song than Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song for this trailer? The answer is no.

That’s a lot of awesome, and we’re just getting warmed up. We’ll also be discussing the weekend box office today, including the billion-dollar baby from Universal’s franchise gift that just keeps on giving, The Fate of the Furious. While the action looks even more ramped up than ever before — they have a damn submarine — reviews have been panning the film a bit for being even more vapid and surface heavy than usual. That’s not going to stop franchise fans from turning out in droves, however, and the film is already on track to break records all over the place.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more substance, with some old-fashioned moviemaking thrown in the mix, you may want to turn your attention instead to the Brad Pitt-produced adventure film, The Lost City of Z. The move is getting all sorts of props for its grandiose cinematography that recalls the great epics of early Hollywood, and it’s being heralded as a film you must see on the big screen. The story tells the tale of Percy Fawcett, a man obsessed with finding a mythical ancient city in the Amazon.

And how about some Deadpool news? It turns out the rumors of Michael Shannon as Cable were just that — rumors. Either he was never a serious candidate, or he backed out, as it was reported this week that it will be Josh Brolin, not Shannon, who plays the crusty, one-eyed mercenary who serves as Deadpool’s comedic foil. We’re still stoked for Brolin, though it is a little odd that he’s now playing not one but two integral characters in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. (Brolin also serves as the voice of the CGI villain Thanos for those keeping track.) In fact, Ryan Reynolds, ever the joker, made fun of the casting for that very reason. Still, we think Brolin will make a nice fit, using his serious chops to propel Deadpool’s antics even further.

Oh, but there’s so much more to talk about (the show may run long this week). We’ll have a tribute to actor and comedian Charlie Murphy, who passed away this week, as well as Aquaman casting news, Fantastic Beasts 2 casting news, a trailer for Stephen King’s The Mist, Charlize Theron’s raucous Atomic Blonde trailer, Better Call Saul info, and so much more. Seriously!

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