Trends with Benefits: A new space race, HoloLenses, Hyperchairs, and potato chips

Who knew we were all so passionate about potato chips? Caleb starts the show by sharing a secret way to eat chips he has discovered. Periscope viewers were not necessarily impressed.

In more compelling news, Facebook now allows absolutely anyone to broadcast live video. If you thought baby photos were annoying, wait for this. We discuss the ramifications for your feed.

YouTube Red may be fairly new, but Google has a lot of extra cash floating around, and is currently exploring licensing movies and TV shows for the app. With Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime and a myriad of others already established, it may be possible the market is getting a little crowded.

Astronauts get all the cool toys! Microsoft is sending its augmented-reality HoloLens glasses up to astronauts at the ISS. We’re jealous, but do consumers even know what augmented reality is? The difference between AR and VR could use some defining.

Last week we learned that Jeff Bezos’ company Blue Origin successfully landed a rocket after being in orbit. Elon Musk, now claims that Space-X will do the same thing next week. While the technological achievement is amazing, the competition between these two is almost equally interesting.

Finally, anyone who has ever worked in an office, knows what a battle it can be to find the right temperature. There will always be someone too hot, or too cold. A company called Personal Comfort Systems is working on a solution, called the Hyperchair.

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