Trends with Benefits: Star Wars mania, bioprinted organs, brain implants and more

Sennheiser unveiled its new $55,000 Orpheus headphones last week, and our own Ryan Waniata was one of the few people lucky enough to don these epic cans. No, we probably won’t know anyone who will actually own them, but Ryan joins us to explain how the technology involved could eventually make its way into something a little more affordable.

The online world of streaming television is constantly evolving, and Vudu is the latest to make a splash with high-quality new offerings. The company will be offering 4K UHD titles in Dolby Atmos surround with Dolby Vision HDR. NBC is also making a move for streaming with Seeso, which will stream classic NBC comedies like The Office, as well as standup specials and sketch comedy series such as Kids In The Hall.

Russian firm called 3D Bioprinting Solutions claims it has created a thyroid gland for a mouse that actually works. We discuss the crazy possibilities that “printing” organs could usher in.

Neurologist Phil Kennedy is known as the “father of the cyborg.” He took that to heart, by traveling to Belize and having an electrode implanted into his brain! You can apparently get away with a lot in Belize, according to Caleb.

Finally, Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars! You can’t avoid the commercials, video games, product placements, etc. Even for the hardcore fan though, is it getting to be a bit much?

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