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Trends with Benefits: Butt-blimp crashes, Tesla’s speed crown, edible batteries

It’s been a busy week of record-breaking cars, edible batteries, and even a butt-shaped blimp crash. And next week we’re going to Berlin for IFA! Let’s dig in.

Our topics this week:

  • Tesla now makes the fastest car you can buy: Tesla claims its new Model S P100D, announced Tuesday, is now the quickest production car in the world. Even if you don’t have $134,500 for one, an EV topping the performance-car charts is a big deal. Here’s why.
  • WhatsApp may not be so privateWhatsApp will allow parent-company Facebook to access phone numbers and more. The biggest selling point of WhatsApp was the privacy, and now Facebook plans to use the information it gains for ad-targeting purposes. Is WhatsApp now just Facebook Messenger?
  • A new edible medical batteryResearchers at Carnegie Mellon University and Bettinger Research Group are working on a new biologically-derived battery. The purpose would be to avoid having patients ingest toxic batteries currently used with biosensors, stimulators and other controlled-release devices.
  • World’s largest aircraft crashes on 2nd flightThe Airlander 10 is a giant blimp-like aircraft, designed to carry cargo, ferry passengers, and look like a butt. It just crashes on its second flight in what may be the most hilarious slow collision you will ever see. Why can’t we land a blimp in a field when we can land a rocket on a floating launchpad at sea?
  • Digital Trends heads to IFA: The Internationale Funkausstellung is one of the largest Industrial Tradeshows in the world, even if we can’t pronounce it. It’s coming next week, and Caleb gives us a preview of what to expect. Be sure to check out extensive coverage at Digital Trends!
  • Digital Trends sponsors Project Pabst: If you’re in the Portland, Oregon over the weekend of August 27, be sure to head down to the Project Pabst music festival! DT is a sponsor of the event and will have charging stations available, as you watch Ice Cube, Duran Duran, Ween and many other bands perform.

Our latest weekly episode of Trends with Benefits features Caleb Denison, Nick Mokey, Rick Stella and Greg Nibler.

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