Supreme Court’s gay marriage legalization sets Twitter on fire

Obama Gay Marriage Legalization
White House
Today, the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide with a 5-4 vote with Justice Anthony Kennedy being the deciding vote that saw liberal and conservative justices split. Within seconds, the Twitterverse exploded with joy, marriage proposals, and dissent. Digital Trends scoured Twitter and compiled the most intriguing tweets.

Joy from Obama and others

After decades of hate crimes and lack of legal support, gay marriage’s nationwide legalization is a watershed moment in Barack Obama’s presidency and everyone knows it.

God loves all, sort of

Religion has been used as the foundation of the opposition to gay marriage and those opponents did not weaken the temerity of their stance:

Social media marriage counseling

Roughly half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce, a reality even supporters of the Supreme Court’s decision wanted to share:

Product placing love

Once the announcement was made hashtags such as #LoveWins and #MarriageEquality quickly began trending. Companies wasted no time hashtagging their support for gay marriage:

Starts looking for love

Love is contagious and the Supreme Court may have just ensured a rise in weddings:

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