HootSuite launches social media analytics platform

hootsuite-social-analytics-headerWeb-based social media client HootSuite announced Wednesday a new custom analytics platform, Social Analytics, which measures performance of social networks like Twitter and Facebook, as well as other services, like Google Analytics.

Social Analytics, a completely overhauled expansion of previously offered analytics tools by HootSuite, offers user real-time analytics information, viewable through up to 30 different report modules, which are accessible through a new dashboard and sidebar.

These modules are available through HootSuite’s custom point payment system, which is used to pay for the modules. HootSuite different levels of module packages, including Basic, Pro and Enterprise. The basic level is free, but does not provide access to useful features like Facebook Insights and Google Analytics. To access those, users must upgrade to the pro version, which costs $5.99 per month.

Other optional upgrades include adding team members ($15/month each), additional service support ($5/month) and a custom shortened Ow.ly vanity URL, which clocks in at $49.99 per month.

According to HootSuite, modules enable users to “track Twitter brand mentions” and “measure Twitter profile follower growth.” Users can also measure Facebook “like” demographics, and see which Twitter links followers actually click.

One of the primary features of Social Analytics is the ability to create customized reports. With the Report Builder, accessible through the dashboard, users can included more than 30 measurement modules to include all the important analytics information.

Reports can be customized with logos and skins. Once a report is created, it can be shared with any registered HootSuite users. Reports may also be emailed, or exported as a PDF for easy printing. All reports remain accessible through the Social Analytics online dashboard.

While Social Analytics is probably most useful for social media professionals, there’s no reason all you budding “web personalities” out there can’t get the same benefits out of the service.