First Lady launches ‘Better Make Room’ social media site for teens

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Social media isn’t always the best use of time, especially for students whose parents might prefer they be studying and preparing for college. With the recent launch of first lady Michelle Obama’s social media site, Better Make Room, students ages 14 to 19 can still participate in social media, but in a way that their parents’ are more likely to approve.

In a statement released by the Office of the First Lady, the Better Make Room initiative aims to encourage interest in education through leveraging “traditional and new media platforms to celebrate student stories …” The social media site offers a range of helpful information for ensuring academic success through assistance in navigating tests such as the ACT and SAT. The site also provides useful information on loans and tuition, as well as necessary applications and financial aid forms for pursuing a college degree.

At the White House Better Make Room launch, the first lady shared her tips for getting through to teens.

“The truth is, Generation Z — that’s what they’re called; these are the kids who are right now in high school and middle school — they interact with the world in fundamentally different ways than generations before them,” Obama says.

At first glance, the goal to get teens to communicate and prepare for college might not seem as social as two of the most popular social media platforms among young adults, Instagram and Snapchat. However, Better Make Room incorporates a social aspect in other, familiar ways. For instance, you can take selfies and share images with the platform’s “Photobooth.” You can also change your avatar, and share statuses, quotes, and comments, just as you would with other popular networks. Of course, you can’t reinvent the wheel, so Better Make Room also lets users share to the popular networks.

The platform currently includes over 20 social media, business, and nonprofit partners, including Vine, Seventeen, and Funny Or Die, as well as celebrity partners such as LeBron James, Keegan-Michael Key, Ciara, and Tony Goldwyn.

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