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Christina Majaski

Christina Majaski

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Christina has written for print and online publications since 2003. In her spare time, she wastes an exorbitant amount of time on social media and indoor storm chasing.

social media tracking mental illness couple with cell phones

Canada to use social media data to detect mental illness

Researchers in Canada plan to study social media to detect mental illness.
facebook longer videos news feed live

Update: Facebook live-streaming video launching on Android next week

Released to iPhone users last month, Facebook is to roll out live-streaming to Android users. More countries are also getting the feature for iOS.
shutterstock pop art academy awards the revenant cristin burton featured

Shutterstock’s 2016 Oscars pop-art posters share theme of endurance

Shutterstock's team creates pop art posters for the 2016 Best Picture nominees
how to block someone on Pinterest iPad Pinterest app

Pinterest adds movie and recipe data to pins in time for the Oscars

For Pinterest users frustrated with clicking around for recipe and movie information, Pinterest has added new rich data to its recipe and movie pins.
vanessa hudgens criminal rock carving actress singer musician featured

Vanessa Hudgens under investigation for defacing a rock and posting on Instagram

Vanessa Hudgens is under criminal investigation for defacing a rock in Coconino National Forest.
skype build 2016 mobile smartphone ios android

Skype adds feature to send Valentine's Day video cards

Along with other new love-inspired features, Skype has announced a new option to share video message cards for Valentine's Day.
instagram video views counter app

Instagram will finally let you know how many people watch your videos

Instagram announces plans to introduce a view counter for videos, which will appear in place of likes.
how to block someone on Pinterest iPad Pinterest app

Pinterest users add 200 million posts about Valentine's Day

Pinterest notes a 300 percent increase in Valentine's Day science experiments.
sarcasm detector twitter david bamman

Researchers develop sarcasm detector for Twitter, and that’s no joke

Researchers are learning how to detect sarcasm on Twitter
shutterstock creative trends 2016 image spreads

Shutterstock data provides a peek of what to expect in video and photo in 2016

Shutterstock Creative Trends for 2016 include the trends to look for in video and photography in the new year, according to search and download data.
vine third year birthday micro video app smart phone ios android

Vine celebrates third birthday with most popular clips of 2015

In celebration of its third birthday, Vine launches Trends on Vine
A soccer stadium with a view from the crowd.

Facebook launches Sports Stadium hub for live sports

Facebook recently launched Sports Stadium providing sports fans with live coverage of sporting events.
4 real facebook friends

You can only count on four of your Facebook friends in rough times

Even if you have hundreds of friends online, research shows you can only depend on four in times of crisis.
peeps social media millennial moms marshmallow chicks sugar holiday treat easter

New marshmallow Peeps social media campaign targets millennial moms

Marshmallow Peeps are part of a new social media campaign to attract millennial moms.
adobe stock visual trends 2016 smartphone photographer

Cool tech, hipster aesthetics top 2016 Adobe Stock visual trends

The Adobe Stock team presents its expected visual trends for photographs and video in 2016.
Twitter quote

Fortune 500 CEOs gradually using social media, but most still can’t be bothered

Although social media use among CEOs is increasing gradually, it is still underutilized by most Fortune 500 CEOs.
404754 autosave v1 3 job interview racorn 123rf

Research says Facebook profile pics can affect your job prospects

A recent study suggests that certain Facebook profiles increase chances of getting to the first interview.
parents use facebook mobile more parent smartphone

Parents use Facebook on mobile 1.3 times more than non-parents, study says

A study by Facebook IQ reveals that parents use Facebook mobile more than non parents for a number reasons.
facebook mentions android live streamings collage

Facebook Mentions is now available for Android and iOS users

Facebook Mentions is now available for public figures on Android devices.
bart teeuwisse found out he lost his job at twitter in the worst way possible ofice

Twitter is considering a 10,000-character limit

Twitter is considering a new feature that would allow you to tweet up to 10,000 characters rather than the current limit of just 140.
weibo monitoring bird flu china chickens caged

Social networking examined in tracking infectious disease outbreaks in China

The social media networking platform Weibo has become a valuable tool in China for tracking down and managing infectious diseases, such as bird flu.
foursquare most checkins 2015 smartphone  restaurant

What did we eat most? Foursquare shares 2015’s most popular check-ins and trends

Foursquare, the app that lets you "check in," recently revealed what we ate, drank, and saw the most of in 2015.
facebook messenger day holiday update 1

Spread holiday cheer with Facebook Messenger’s new features

Facebook includes new features such as Photo Magic, holiday themed emoji, and the snow globe feature, for spreading holiday cheer through its messaging app.
facebook quitters return smart phone user

Perceived addiction the reason Facebook users quit, but often return

Cornell researchers studied 5,000 survey responses to uncover the reasons Facebook users usually return to the platform after quitting or taking a break.
ed sheeran quits social media grammy arrivals 650

Musician Ed Sheeran quitting social media, at least until next autumn

live tweeting tv remote

Bad news for spoilers: Live-tweeting boosts Twitter TV impressions

Live-tweeting during television shows is responsible for 57 percent of TV impressions, according to Nielsen.
twitter most retweets 2015 onedirection javierosh flickr

One Direction had the most retweeted messages of 2015

One Direction's band members dominated Twitter's 2015 most retweeted messages, with the most retweeted message belonging to Harry Styles. 
instagram love 2015 woman selfie smartphone camera featured

#Love dominates Instagram for the third year in a row

For the third year in a row, the most used hashtag on Instagram is #love, which is included in more than 800 million posts on the platform.
facebook instant articles latin america

Hola, Olá: Facebook Instant Articles now available in Latin America

facebook fake news newspaper ads woman using

Study reveals Facebook causing misery among users because of envy

According to a recent study, envy could be the reason why many Facebook users feel unhappy. 
google black friday shopping tips town

2015 ranked the most social #BlackFriday yet

facebook four months parental leave newborn baby

Facebook to offer four months parental leave to all full-time employees

condom challenge head

Teens promote safe sex unsafely with newest trend #CondomChallenge

Teens are participating in a new Internet craze referred to as the #CondomChallenge intended to promote safe sex and condom use. But how smart is it?
Could Drake make an appearance in season 2 of The Handmaid's Tale?

Relax, Drake isn’t dead, but his death hoax continues to spread

Rapper Drake is the victim of a new hoax claiming he died in a car accident over the weekend. The hoax may have started in a Buzzfeed Community post.