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photoshop psmystery challenge ixs farstar biolab

Put your Photoshop skills to work in Adobe’s #PsMystery Halloween game

Adobe's 2015 #PsMystery challenge needs your Photoshop skills to solve the mystery aboard an ill-fated spaceship.
social media reaction bacon causes cancer

#SmugVegetarians and bacon fans process their feelings over meat cancer warnings

Social media reactions from WHO's report that processed meat causes cancer.
facebook cards replace notifications fb tab events

Facebook cards to replace notifications and include reminders

Facebook updates notifications to cards in order to provide event reminders. The tab will send reminders of life events based your activities on Facebook.
how to use snapchat

Snapchat makes you happier than Facebook and not because of sexting

A study has indicated that Snapchat users are happier on Snapchat than on other social media platforms such as Facebook.
how to use LinkedIn

Find out how people with your name make a living with the LinkedIn Name Game

The Name Game is part of LinkedIn's 2015 Bring In Your Parent event to encourage taking your parent to work with you.
time for a new linkedin

Thousands of pros on LinkedIn have fake degrees and aren’t even trying to hide it

Thousands of profiles on LinkedIn include professionals whose degrees were purchased from degree mills among their educational credentials.
google trends spelling english dictionary

Mancunian or Cockney? British Airways survey finds few can tell the difference

Mancunian or Cockney? British Airways survey find that few can tell the difference
hungarian camerawoman will sue facebook

Hungarian camerawoman plans to sue Facebook and the refugee she tripped

Petra Laszlo, the camerawoman caught on film tripping Syrian refugees, plans to sue one of the refugees and Facebook.
janet jackson instagram unbreakable

Janet Jackson fans find their Instagram content and accounts deleted, artist reponds

Instagram users who shared video and pics of Janet Jackson's Unbreakable concert lost photos and video for copyright infringement.
michelle phan moving on beauty videos

YouTube’s makeup superstar Michelle Phan moving away from beauty videos

Beauty guru Michelle Phan announces plan to move away from beauty videos and on to other business ventures.
instagram food porn might be ruining your dinner

Study suggests link between weight gain and #foodporn on social media

Food porn on Instagram and other platforms is causing our brain to think we're hungry even when we are not, and possibly contributing to obesity.
snapchat videos for plastic surgery doctor

Heading to the ER? Use Twitter to find hospitals with the best care

CrowdClinical analyzes tweets by patients to determine which hospitals in the nation provide the best experience.

First Lady launches ‘Better Make Room’ social media site for teens

First lady Michelle Obama launched a new initiative, Better Make Room, to encourage an interest in education via social networking.
star wars the force awakens end credits shot

Haters call for Star Wars boycott because new movie has too much diversity

A group of Twitter users seek to boycott the new Star Wars movie because of the diversity of the actors taking leading roles.
caskets stream social media dumb coffin featured

Smart caskets of the future could live-stream social media tributes

In the future of funeral planning, caskets may include a screen for streaming social media tributes.
presidential candidates fake twitter followers question

No surprise, Trump and Clinton have the most fake Twitter followers among candidates

According to recent data, Bernie Sanders has the most authentic Twitter followers among the presidential candidates with a social media presence.
richard gere responds facebook hoax homeless

Millions believe actor Richard Gere’s ‘moving’ Facebook hoax about homelessness

The recent Facebook hoax of Richard Gere going undercover and handing out hundreds of dollars has millions of likes and shares.
Facebook Hack

Millennials don’t think personal data is secure online but offer it anyway

A recent survey indicates that millennials don't trust anyone online with their personal information, despite their heavy use of it.
periscope android update fast forward rewind

As Periscope’s popularity increases, so will dumb and illegal activities

A woman in Florida was arrested for drinking and driving, while live-streaming with Periscope.
scott kelly tweeting from space mediterranean

Astronaut Scott Kelly is tweeting amazing photos of the Earth from space

Scott Kelly uses Twitter to share stunning photos of the Earth from space while aboard the International Space Station, as part of NASA's twins study.
facebook notify paper hands on news 2

For real-time news, Facebook Notify could be the Twitter Moments killer

Facebook's real-time news app, Notify, could eliminate the need for any other news apps.
frozen chook movement frozenchook

Join the newest Internet craze and release your inner frozen chicken

The Frozen Chook movement is the Internet's newest fad that involves posing naked as a frozen supermarket chicken.
social media isnt just for youngsters anymore new research finds senior citizen internet

Social media isn’t just for youngsters anymore, new research finds

Social media use among those ages 65 and over has increased to 35 percent, up from 2 percent in 2005.

If unwanted Tinder matches appear as Facebook-suggested friends, here’s why

There may be a reason Facebook is trying to make you friend your last Tinder match.
Facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger tips hat to Snapchat, tests vanishing messages feature

Facebook is testing a Snapchat-like feature for its Messenger chat app that users can turn on so messages disappear after a selected period of time.