YouTube’s makeup superstar Michelle Phan moving away from beauty videos

michelle phan moving on beauty videos
Michelle Phan
After creating a multi-million dollar beauty empire, celebrity beauty vlogger Michelle Phan announced to her over eight million YouTube Channel subscribers that she is considering moving away from her popular beauty video tutorials and on to other business ventures.

In an open letter posted to a recent video, “My Alter Ego Look,” Phan asked her fans, “What kind of videos would you like to see from me in the near future? My videos cannot all be about makeup (this is why I created Ipsy for all you beauty junkies) but I’d love to post more things about life experiences, career advice, more trend reports, etc.”

Phan’s fans produced over 5,000 replies to her comment, ranging from suggestions for dealing with emotions to requests for information on Internet marketing. Overall, the response was positive, with the majority of fans and viewers supportive in her decision to consider a different path that’s unrelated to creating beauty tutorials.

The YouTube star has come a long way since quitting her job at a sushi restaurant in 2009 to focus on creating and providing makeup tutorials. She was most recently mentioned by Forbes as one of the highest paid YouTube stars of 2015.

In the letter, Phan also mentions her current comic book project, as well as the four other businesses she maintains. Fashionista gives a rundown of Phan’s many projects and positions, which include founder of the aforementioned Ipsy, a beauty subscription service with over 1.5 million subscribers, along with other business ventures such as a partnership with Endemol Beyond USA and the Em Michelle Phan makeup line. It’s clear Phan has her hands full in addition to maintaining her YouTube channel.

“Whatever happens, it seems clear that Michelle Phan, the personality, is moving over for Michelle Phan, the brand,” according to Fashionista. If her history of success in the many projects she has been part of provides any clue, there is a good chance Phan will land on her feet — and thrive — in whatever field she decides to pursue.

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