Join the newest Internet craze and release your inner frozen chicken

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Emilian Robert Vicol
If you’re on the hunt for the newest Instagram craze or you haven’t yet figured out what to dress as for the office Halloween party, you might want to consider participating in the #FrozenChook movement. Much like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Frozen Chook involves subjecting yourself to cold and uncomfortable conditions. But, it isn’t intended to help raise awareness of anything except that when certain people are nude and balled up in the fetal position, they look shockingly similar to a frozen chicken.

Keeping this chook nice and cool in the crisp air up Mt Haggared. Stay frozen #frozenchook

A photo posted by @frozenchook on

The Frozen Chook movement began with a group of friends in New Zealand, and involves getting buck naked and positioning yourself somewhere unrelated, in the shape of a frozen chicken. And, in order to participate accurately, you have to resemble a grocery store chicken, sans the Styrofoam and plastic wrapping.

According to the group’s Facebook page, Frozen Chookers have appeared in locations ranging from the middle of a highway to the front step of a Kentucky Fried Chicken, and even on the roof of a taxi. The group and its founders look forward to warmer weather for portraying defrosting chicken, and hope that the movement eventually catches on with even President Barack Obama participating.

While the fad has become popular and isn’t any more bizarre than past fads (e.g., planking, Harlem shaking, subway surfing) it does require being photographed in the nude, which might deter people from the movement, considering the potential of things going viral on the Internet. While most people are willing to participate in a range of embarrassing and even painful activities for the Internet’s sake, far fewer are willing to sport their birthday suits. Not to mention those of us who won’t resemble a frozen chicken no matter how much we contort our bodies. For those who can participate and are brave enough, rock on Frozen Chookers.