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brussels lockdown cats evan lovely flickr creative commons

Belgians support #BrusselsLockdown with cute cat pics in effort to aid police

Over the weekend Belgian police carried out anti-terrorism raids, asking the public not to disclose information. Social media users helped with cat pics.
The new Google Hangouts standalone Web page

Google's newest update lets you Hangout with anyone

You can now join video or audio calls through Hangouts without a Google account. The update is said to be an attempt to catch up to Skype's latest feature.
facebook on this day

Facebook tests new tools to help you get over your ex

Facebook's new tools allow you to hide everything regarding your ex when the relationship ends.
social media narcotics side effects medication

Social media used to track harmful side effects of narcotics medication

A recent study tracking social media platforms revealed harmful side effects when patients were prescribed narcotics for pain.
jullien peace for paris artist jean

Artist’s simple ‘Peace for Paris’ drawing is the Internet’s symbol for solidarity

Because of social media, the simple "Peace for Paris" doodle has become a widespread symbol for solidarity after last week's terror attacks.
how people laugh online according to facebook emoji signs

Twitter's emoji reactions might solve its 'heart' problem

A user uncovered what appears to be new emoji reaction buttons to add to Twitter's heart button.
justin bieber broke instagram fans francis dean 123rf

Justin Bieber may have broken Instagram, but Facebook fixed it

Instagram recently fixed a glitch that would slow down the platform every time Justin Bieber posted a photo or video.
nikon fall foliage photography rod planck 2 4164

Nikon names New York the 2015 top state for autumn photography

According to Nikon and social media, New York is the top state for fall foliage photography.
dullaart dead soldier facebook profiles hessian soldiers

Artist creates thousands of fake Facebook profiles to fight ‘user commodification’

An artist creates thousands of profiles of dead Hessian soldiers to fight Facebook policies.
The Breakup Shop

Should you pay someone to manage your breakup for you?

The Breakup Shop and other services are now available to handle the least fun phase of your relationship
what is a hashtag wtf interne jcpenny

Social media data may help detect and prevent food illness outbreaks

Social media data helps the FSA in the UK track and monitor food illnesses.
federal judge allows facial recognition lawsuit against facebook photo magic

Facebook’s Photo Magic reminds you to send friends their pics

Facebook's new Photo Magic feature will scan your images and remind you to send them to the friends it recognizes.
fisherman lake michigan lost camera

Fisherman catches a lost camera in Lake Michigan and tracks down owners

A man fishing in Lake Michigan catches a camera and tracks down its owners.
force awakens fans support forcefordaniel

Star Wars #ForceForDaniel fan dies days after seeing an early screening of the film

Star Wars fans, celebrities, and cast members support a dying man's last wish: to see The Force Awakens.
increase chlamydia social media text walking

Social media to blame for an increase in chlamydia among all age groups

A Nebraska newspaper reports that social media might be the cause of an increase in chlamydia cases.
president obama own facebook page potus

President Barack Obama joins Facebook

After blazing a trail through YouTube, Vine, and Instagram, President Barack Obama finally arrived on Facebook today.
retailers ignore customer social media 83 percent of messages feat

Don't expect quick responses from retailers on social media, study says

Most of the social media messages customers send to retailers and services are ignored or not answered immediately.
ikea kids artwork to toys for charity sagoskatt

Ikea turns kids’ artwork into toys for its charity campaign

Thousands of children submitted artwork to Ikea, and the retailer turned some of them into toys. It's all for charity.
peanuts gang social media movie

Good ol’ Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang find success in social media

Social media brings Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang into the new millennium.
facebook ai

Facebook AI Research teams share new milestones and developments

Facebook's AI Research team or FAIR has been working on new AI features such as allowing machines to describe images with text.
uk singles dating nandos

How to win a Brit over on a first date? Order some grilled chicken

According to dating app Clover, singles in the U.K. prefer Nando's for a first date.
patients social media doctors doctor and tablet

Most patients are comfortable sharing social media with their doctors

As many as 73 percent of patients trust sharing social media with medical providers.
pinterest android buyable pins

Find everything that’s for sale in one place with new Pinterest Shop

The new Pinterest Shop curates all the trending pins that you can buy and makes them available in one place.
essena oneill leaves instagram essenaoneill

Popular Instagrammer leaving social media, citing unhealthy culture

Essena O'Neill recently quit Instagram and plans to leave all platforms, claiming "social media isn't real life."
hot burg

FYI’s ‘Food Porn’ is an Instagram foodie’s dream come true

FYI shows a preview of its new TV show which features food porn and Instagram.
instagram teenage drinking mini vodka bottles

Instagram helps researchers monitor underage drinking

Instagram is now being used to monitor teenage drinking, with the hope of expanding its use to cover other teenage issues.
pornhub emoji4porn texting emoji

You can now search YouTube videos with emoji at Emoji2Video search engine

A new search engine lets you use emoji to search for YouTube Videos.
twitter more pleasant mri

Twitter data could aide physicians in providing less stressful MRI scans

Twitter data is used to determine ways to make the MRI experience less stressful and more pleasant for patients
twitter tv ad world series moments

Twitter Moments TV ad strikes out with viewers

Twitter launched a confusing television ad promoting Moments during the World Series.
Twitter Search Redesign

Twitter plans to make money off 500 million logged-out visitors

Twitter's newest plan to increase revenue includes ad revenue from logged-out users and those without accounts.
ford sync social media controls meople connector

Ford drivers can tweet while driving with new Sync AppLink social controls

Ford drivers can manage social media accounts with voice-activated controls through the Sync AppLink System.
the government may be making robocalls to your cell phone soon collect debt smartphone addiciton

In the future, social media and A.I. will keep us alive forever

A prediction that with advances in technology, we will be able to bring back dead family members based on their social media histories.
richard gere responds facebook hoax homeless

Richard Gere responds to ‘somewhat fictional’ Facebook post

Richard Gere responds to the Facebook hoax with the producer of his movie, Time Out of Mind.
nat geo wild big game of thrones wildlife miniseries baby lion national geographic

NatGeo continues to dominate among social brands, beating NBA, People, Playboy

NatGeo continues to lead other popular brands on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, according to reports.