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Vine celebrates third birthday with most popular clips of 2015

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It seems like it was only yesterday that Vine came into being. In just a short time, the Twitter-owned video network has become an important force in pop culture, especially when it comes to creating popular memes and short snippets of entertainment that end up showing up in all your friends and family members’ Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Today, in early celebration of its third birthday on January 24, Vine launched Trends on Vine, which is intended to lead you straight to the most entertaining clips, rather than forcing you to waste more time by weeding through the ones no one cares about. According to a post on the Vine blog, Trends on Vine will help you “discover and dig into the stories behind some of our most notable trends …” which include “Fleek” and “Shmoney Dance.”

Also to kickstart year three, Vine collected the top memes and clips of 2015, including the most-looped clip, by ArsenalTerje, with more than 330 million loops and climbing. Others to make the list of most memorable clips of 2015 were Duck Army and Iridocyclitis – all of which may indicate that if you want to get Internet famous, especially while flexing your meme-making skills, Vine is the way to go.

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