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Skype adds feature to send Valentine's Day video cards

skype valentines day video cards android fab
With millions of couples gearing up to celebrate Valentine’s Day this weekend, it only makes sense that the digital world would find a way to keep us connected virtually as well. As part of Skype’s effort to expand on the popularity of last year’s holiday cards, you can now send a love-inspired video card to your loved ones this Valentine’s Day.

Similar to the holiday cards last year that ended up being a huge hit, the Valentine cards allow you to record a special holiday-themed message and add filters over the top of the video. You can then send the video to anyone you choose as well as any way you want. For instance, you can save the video to your phone and share it through other services or as a Skype message.

The new video cards come just a couple days after Skype’s partnership with legendary Sir Paul McCartney, which includes a combination of Skype designs and “Mojis” and McCartney’s musical compositions, intended to allow users to “express your love to friends and family around the world, no matter what you’re trying to say.”

Although other platforms like SnapChat have previously offered special holiday-themed filters for images, Skype seems to be leading the way in providing fun filters and features exclusively for video messaging. If anything, it’s certainly the only service allowing you to send a Valentine card with background music provided by Sir Paul. If, however, you prefer sending funny cards with templates, there’s always JibJab, but Skype video message cards allow an entirely personalized experience.

If you want to try out Skype’s new holiday features this weekend, you simply need to seek out the “Love” tab available on both Android and iOS devices. “We hope our new love-centered content will help you enjoy Valentine’s Day celebrations even more,” says Skype. You can start using these features and creating your own video message Valentine’s cards today using Skype on your computer or mobile device.

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