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One Direction had the most retweeted messages of 2015

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Millions of tweets are sent on Twitter every day, including retweets expressing solidarity, agreement, or just plain support for the original tweeters’ message. Although Twitter’s recently released 2015 list includes a Most Influential category for the tweets that highlight significant national and global messages, such as #PrayforParis, the retweets weren’t exactly as serious.

According to Twitter, the tweets that were retweeted the most in 2015 include tweets from nearly every member of the band One Direction. In fact, the most retweeted tweet of the year was sent by Harry Styles after Zayn Malik’s announcement in March that he was leaving the band. Styles’ friendly and simple message, “All the love always. H,” resulted in more than 700,000 retweets, presumably due in part to the band’s many heartbroken fans.

The next four most retweeted tweets came from Zayn Malik’s support for his former band’s song, “Drag Me Down,” and Liam Payne’s tweet celebrating the band’s five-year anniversary. There is a slight interruption in the list with President Barack Obama’s tweet regarding the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage, which earned 448,062 retweets, but then One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson appears on the list with a tweet to fans that was retweeted 413,044 times. Twitter’s 2015 list also includes the top newcomers to Twitter such as Adrien Brody, Alan Shearer, and Antonio Banderas, as well as top trends in various categories.

One Direction was also the top trend in music and in the category Pastimes. Similar to Instagram’s top for 2015, #Love was the top trending tag while #LoveWins made it to fifth in News. Although One Direction dominated Twitter in various areas in 2015, the band members still have a climb before reaching last year’s Golden Tweet. The group selfie shared by @TheEllenShow during the Oscars was retweeted more than 3 million times and has been liked more than 2 million times to date.  


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