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Twitter now lets you easily see retweets with comments. Here’s how

Twitter for iOS now has a handy new feature that lets you easily see comments that were added to retweets of your posts.

A short video (below) posted by Twitter on Tuesday, May 12, shows the new feature in action. It means that with the latest version of the app, you can see all of the retweets with comments in one place, with a single tap.

To try it out, simply tap on “retweets” under your tweet. You’ll then see a “with comments” section with a number at the top showing how many people retweeted your tweet with a comment. You can then scroll down to read all of the comments, and also see any images, videos, or GIFs that were attached to those retweets. It’s a simple solution for people keen to find out more about how people are responding to their Twitter musings, and is likely to prove popular among those who see a lot of engagement with their tweets.

There’s no word on whether the feature is coming to Android, though we expect it will in time. We’ve reached out to Twitter to find out and will update this article when we hear back.

In other Twitter developments, we recently learned the microblogging platform is testing a feature that lets you reword a potentially offensive reply before you post it. It is part of efforts by Twitter to create a more congenial atmosphere in the Twitter community by giving folks a second chance to review their post if it contains the kind of language that the recipient may find offensive. It is also testing something called “fleets,” which are tweets that disappear after 24 hours.

Sadly there’s still no sign of the edit button that so many people would like to see. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has said in the past that his team is looking into the idea, but the continued absence of such a feature has left many wondering if it will ever happen.

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