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Pinterest Explore showcases trending ideas and videos from top publishers

Pinterest is launching a new Explore tab for its app and the web that offers trending ideas sourced from a range of publishers that are personalized based on your interests and activity.

A multimedia discovery tool powered by machine learning, Explore brings with it the official rollout of native video on the app. Now, when you head into the new section, you’ll find auto-playing videos from experts and tastemakers such as Harper’s Bazaar, Food Network, National Geographic, and HGTV.

The first thing you’ll notice when you select the Explore tab is “Today’s Picks,” a personalized stream of recommendations, which is updated on a daily basis. Pinterest claims it has spotted some trends within its deluge of data. For example, don’t be surprised to see food and drink ideas within the stream earlier in the week when more people search for them (because Tuesdays are the new Fridays, apparently).

Pinterest is also updating its topic feeds as part of the update. Once again, it is utilizing machine learning to surface trending ideas, searches and people from across its platform. You’ll be able to browse through more than 30 topics — including shopping, travel and food, among others — with your interests dictating the order in which they appear.

The company is already touting the success of native video on its service. According to Pinterest, its early testing of the format over the last month quadrupled video impressions on the platform. It also led to more engagement among mobile viewers, who are twice as likely to take an action when watching a clip on Pinterest compared to videos they find on other sites. The stats bode well for marketers, who will be pleased to learn that Pinterest has found room to squeeze in video ads on its Explore tab. The company says its testing autoplay promo clips with early advertisers including American Express, Macy’s, and Sony Pictures.

Videos have been available on Pinterest in the past, with creators embedding them into their uploads. However, a native video player offers a seamless viewing experience. It’s actually surprising Pinterest didn’t launch the feature sooner, seeing as it helps bring its “catalog of ideas” to life, and seems like the ideal format for cooking and DIY videos in particular. Nonetheless, it’s better late than never.

Pinterest Explore is rolling out today on the Pinterest app for iOS and Android, and on the web.

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