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Saqib Shah is a Twitter addict and film fan with an obsessive interest in pop culture trends. In his spare time he can be found playing Splatoon and watching an unhealthy amount of political talk shows.

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Facebook boasts of removing fake news in Germany, but journalists aren’t so sure

Facebook is finally rolling out its fake news identification tools, starting in Germany. The company's decision comes on the back of mounting criticism against the social network in the country. It's unclear how well it's working.
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Facebook wants to help you find free Wi-Fi hot spots wherever you go

A new Facebook feature that pinpoints local free Wi-Fi hot spots on a map within the platform's mobile app was in testing last year, but is now in the process of releasing to the public.

Facebook brings Messenger Day to the world, bids adieu to Director of Product

After being tested it Poland and Australia, Messenger Day is ready for the biggest stage of all. Facebook said it is rolling out the Snapchat Stories-like feature to Android and iOS.

Facebook’s powerful new servers will help it handle more visual content

Facebook is overhauling its servers in tandem with an expected increase in the amount of visual content being uploaded to its platform. The new equipment can also train complex machine learning systems, known as neural networks.
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Twitter is now expanding its analytics to include user-generated Moments

Twitter Moments now come with analytics to help users track the popularity of their stories on the web and mobile. The company claims the update will help users create better posts that attract more views.
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Pinterest’s Chrome extension now acts as your visual search engine for the web

Pinterest is giving its Chrome browser extension an artificial intelligence upgrade. The plug-in now comes bundled with the platform’s visual search tool, essentially allowing users to scan online images to find similar items.