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Twitter is now expanding its analytics to include user-generated Moments

Twitter is now giving all users the ability to track the performance of their Moments using analytics on desktop and mobile.

For the uninitiated, Moments lets you compile tweets (your own and other people’s) into stories. The tool was launched to select accounts and brand partners in 2015 and rolled out to desktop and mobile users last year.

Starting today, Moments users — as in people who actually create and share their own stories on Twitter — can access insights that are similar to the data currently available for tweets. The analytics info includes the number of times your Moment was viewed, liked, and shared. Additionally, Twitter will also provide the completion rate for Moments (indicating the percentage of users that reached the end of your story) and how many unique views it received.

To access the new insights, simply click on the caret icon at the top right of a shared Moment on mobile — or the overflow icon on the web — and then select “view analytics.”

Twitter users care about how popular they are. If you’re on the platform, and your tweets are set to public, chances are you keep track of everything from your followers to re-tweets. Hardcore users even keep an eye on the impressions and reach of their individual tweets. The same should go for Moments, especially seeing as they take more time and effort to compile.

Unlike other social networks (we’re looking at you Snapchat), Twitter has never shied away from putting your insights front and center — from your follower and following counts to notifications regarding re-tweets, mentions and likes.

With similar mobile storytelling formats reportedly being adopted by everyone from Facebook to Medium, it makes sense for Twitter to further promote its own (original) feature. After all, if more people, brands, and businesses figure out how to make their Moments successful using insights, it could theoretically lead to the stories becoming ubiquitous.

Twitter itself recently took a major step to increase the prominence of the feature by slotting it alongside other more popular tools in its new Explore section. Located next to the home tab on mobile, Explore offers search, trends, live video, and Twitter’s curated Moments all in one place. It wouldn’t come as much of a surprise to learn that the update is giving the feature a new lease on life.

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