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Reddit now lets you post multiple photos and GIFs at once

Reddit added image galleries as a new way to post multiple images or GIFs on the website at once.  

Redditors can now share up to 20 images or GIFs in a single post starting Wednesday. Reddit said that the long-awaited feature was requested by various Reddit communities, especially in the Style, DIY, and Food subreddits. 

“Image Galleries fulfill a longstanding community request ever since we added support for image uploads back in 2016,” Reddit Senior Product Manager Tyler Swartz said in a statement. “We’re excited about products like Image Galleries because they give Redditors more ways to engage and share content with their favorite community, while also making communities more vibrant and exciting.”

Previously, when Redditors wanted to post multiple images to a subreddit, they had to create an Imgur account and share their album on a subreddit. Instead, the image gallery feature allows users to upload images straight to Reddit without using a third party. 


The new feature is easy to use as well. To post an image gallery, tap the Create a Post button, then select Image Post from the tabs. You can then select up to 20 images or GIFs, rearrange them, and add an optional caption of up to 180 characters. You also have the option to add an URL to each image. 

Reddit communities have to opt-in to allow image galleries. Aside from photos and GIFs, the new feature will also allow videos in an image gallery, though Reddit did not give a specific timeline on when that addition would roll out. 

It’s one of many features that the front page of the internet has launched this year, including AOL-style chat rooms in April and a poll feature in March that allows users to ask questions with up to six potential answers. 

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