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The Inner Circle is one of New York’s newest and trendiest dating apps

The Inner Circle - Carefully selected, cleverly connected
It may hang its hat on its exclusivity, but that hasn’t stopped The Inner Circle from becoming one of the fastest growing dating apps in New York City.

Just a month after making its debut in the Big Apple, the Amsterdam-based dating service has doubled its user base, suggesting that it will soon be expanding its presence to other cities in the U.S. The app claims to be different from other players in the already saturated space by ensuring that its users are generally like-minded people (94 percent have a Bachelor’s degree or higher), and that they have similar relationship goals.

Users are encouraged to find their next dates by first selecting their favorite restaurant, bar, or local hangout, to establish some sense of common ground. From there, Inner Circle members can “share a unique date idea” or meet at a mutual favorite haunt. Moreover, The Inner Circle claims to be “the only dating app that hosts monthly members-only parties at luxurious venues around the world to help their members connect offline.”

Previously active only in Europe in cities like London, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Milan, Stockholm, and Zurich, the New York City contingency of The Inner Circle now boasts more than 23,000 registered members, a figure which the app claims is “growing exponentially each day.”

“As New York City is the gateway to our imminent international presence, our growth in this market is essential. This is an exciting milestone to have crossed in such a short time frame,” said CEO and co-founder David Vermeulen. “We’re thrilled to see how much the diverse and vibrant community of New York City singles has embraced The Inner Circle as their go-to dating app.”

So if you haven’t yet, you might consider checking out The Inner Circle for its new features like Spots, which gives users the opportunity to see the top ten spots to go on a first date or the most popular bars, clubs and restaurants; Travel, which lets users share their travel plans and popular member destinations; and Weekend List, a crowdsourced list of the most popular events in town every weekend (where you just might meet that special someone).

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