Hey constant Twitter profile updaters, this new feature just made your life way easier

twitter profile editing

Twitter released a minor but welcome update today that frequent profile updates will be thrilled about. TheNextWeb noticed that Twitter engineer Patrick Ewing tweeted a scoop revealing that Twitter now supports inline profile editing and “drag and drop photo uploads.”

You can check out the feature for yourself, since the feature is already available. Just navigate to your profile page, click on “Edit Profile,” and you’ll find that you can do everything that Ewing is so excited about.

To change your photo, just click on the header or profile photo and a dropdown menu will hover with the options to upload a photo, take a photo with your computer’s camera, remove the photo, or cancel whatever you were doing. As always the photos can be shifted around and cropped.

Once you’re done and satisfied, just save your changes.

The update is a neat and quick way that will get you to liven up your profile information more frequently with far fewer steps. Enjoy.