Francis Bea

Francis Bea

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Francis got his first taste of the tech industry in a failed attempt at a startup during his time as a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Never leaving his love for tech behind, he briefly dabbled in tech PR but switched over to contributing for Digital Trends. He covers all things social media and the next generation of emerging tech startups, as well as mobile apps that can’t be missed .

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Happy birthday, Tesla! Elon Musk celebrates by donating $1 million to new museum

The Oatmeal has raised over $1 million in an effort to secure Wardenclyffe, the site of Tesla's final laboratory, to build a museum in honor of the scientist. On his 158th birthday, on July 10, 2014, Elon Musk donates $1 million to the…
Social Media

Are Vine celebs the next-generation of YouTube stars?

YouTube vloggers used the platform to gain Internet fame (and money). Are Vine's more famous creators next? A few brand-loyal users are starting to turn the six-second hobby into gainful employment.
Social Media

Why we’re cautiously optimistic about Twitter’s new authentication system

Twitter formerly had an unreliable system for making sure your account wasn't breached - thankfully, it's upgraded solution. Here's why you should get on board ... and what else you should hope the platform improves.
Social Media

The big, booming business behind the humble GIF

Internet scion that it is, the GIF is much more than just an animated way for the Internet to make you smile - it's also creating a valuable industry.
Social Media

We asked, you answered: Would you actually pay for Facebook?

As suggestions about a pay-for subscription Facebook model arise, we had to ask a wide variety of users if they would open their wallets and pay to use the social network.
Social Media

The White House is giving a face lift – and it all looks awfully familiar

Teasing the White House's redesigned public database, catches up with the latest design trends and comes off as developer-friendly. And you might recognize a few of the design elements...