This is how to turn off Instagram’s pesky video auto-play

instagram camera

In case you haven’t heard, Instagram now features video. Regardless of how you feel about the new launch, there is one feature that is probably irking you: The Instagram feed’s video auto-play. Sure, Vine has the same setup; when you scroll through the video, videos automatically begin when they are within your display. But that doesn’t mean you have to like it. Luckily, there’s a fix.

If you want to turn of the automatically playing videos, there’s fortunately an “on, off” button. To find the button, there’s just a little bit of digging required on your part.

instagram autoplay

If you’re using the mobile app, open up your profile page by tapping on the far right navigation tab. iPhone users should see a fixed gear icon in the top right corner of their profile page. Android users will see triple dots. Tap this. This opens up the settings page, where if you scroll down the page, you’ll find an option for “Auto-Play Videos” under Preferences. Auto-playing video is an option that’s on by default, so simply tap to turn it off.

It should be noted that some of you might not be have the option to use Instagram videos yet. If you’re on an Android device that hasn’t been upgraded to an Android OS more recent than 4.1 Jelly Bean, then you’re out of luck. But while you can’t snap Instagram videos, you can view your friends’ – so the auto-play off hack comes in handy regardless.