There’s a really good reason Instagram videos are 15 seconds long


Kevin Systrom is fending off suspicions that Facebook was a predominant influence in Instagram’s decision to roll out a video app for Facebook, specifically the max time length for the videos. 

Facebook is in the process of releasing video ads to its site, and early reports say users would see a max of three video ads a day. So part of this video for Instagram push is likely to get users comfortable with videos in the News Feed. And it just so happens that 15 seconds is a standard Internet video ad time. This means brands can create Instagram videos that are actually ads and slip them into the News Feed, warming up users to this type of content even more, and repackaging the videos they could be creating for the auto-play ads Facebook is working on.

However Mashable reports that not all advertisers might be sold on Facebook’s concept: The social network is charging between $1 million and $2.4 million for an ad, and even to advertisers that’s a lot of money. So according to insider reports, the summer launch that those of us following the news have been looking forward (and dreading at the same time) has been delayed. Expect Facebook videos to hit your News Feed this fall, but that’s just tentative.

What’s clever, keeping its advertising motives, and the delay in mind, is something far more “sinister.” With Instagram videos rolled out, users will have three months to get well acquainted and adjusted to the 15 second video format. In fact, by that time you may even see a video trailer or two via Instagram video if Facebook’s lucky. 

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