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Twitter Night Mode for desktop is already live for some users

twitter desktop night mode
King Bo/Twitter
We don’t imagine for a moment that any of you climb into bed with your desktop at the end of a long day, fumbling about with all the wires and massive monitor as you try to get comfortable for a quick pre-slumber web session.

But if you do — or if you use a more conveniently sized laptop in bed instead — and firing up Twitter is part of your nightly routine, then the upcoming Night Mode for its desktop site is likely to be extremely welcome, enabling a more relaxing experience as you peruse your timeline and tap out a few tweets before nodding off.

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The microblogging service is yet to make any official announcement about the new feature, but a number of users are already seeing the option when they’re logged into their account. To find out if you’re one of those, click on your profile image top right and see if it’s showing at the bottom of the drop down list that appears, below “log out.” Not showing yet? Then be patient, there’s a good chance you’ll see it soon.

Ideal for a deliberately darkened workspace, or in the evening when you can’t be bothered to reach for the light switch, Twitter’s Night Mode for desktop will be a whole lot easier on the eyes, transforming as it does all the white space into a mainly dark blue interface, with the text switching from black to white.

Bright monitors can seem really bright at night, prompting many people to fiddle with their machine’s brightness button to dim the display. But that doesn’t always offer the best experience, and so if you’re a Twitter that likes to dip into it on desktop from time to time, this feature is likely to be warmly welcomed.

Twitter introduced its Night Mode for iOS and Android last year, so it’s not a major surprise that it’s now testing the same feature for its desktop site, though some people might be wondering why it’s taken so long to happen.

If you’re particularly keen to have a dark-display option on the desktop version of Twitter and discover you’re not part of the test group, then the Chrome Web Store has some extensions that offer the same effect. Firefox users can also find the same option here.

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