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Twitter has been down for users around the world this morning

Prykhodov / 123RF
If you’re experiencing a Twitter outage, you’re not alone. This morning, May 19, the popular social media network began experiencing technical issues, with users around the world reporting difficulties accessing their accounts.

In the earlier part of the morning, Twitter was down for folks along the East Coast of the United States, the U.K., and parts of Asia, including Japan and South Korea. Initially, it seems as though there was simply a problem sending tweets, with Twitter posting (on Twitter) at around 2 a.m. ET,  “Earlier today some users may have experienced issues sending Tweets, this issue has now been resolved, thank you for your patience!”

But apparently, the issue was not resolved, and indeed it worsened for some folks, as users trying to access the site on both mobile and desktop saw an error message that read, “Something is technically wrong.”

Twitter has acknowledged the issue, posting at around 8:45 am this morning, “Some users are currently experiencing problems accessing Twitter & Tweeting. We are aware of the issue and are working towards a resolution.” Of course, those experiencing these problems weren’t able to in fact access this message.

While Twitter seemed to regain its composure at around 10:15 this morning around parts of the East Coast (at least, for Digital Trends staff), the Down Detector map still shows that there are some issues in surrounding areas, including Washington D.C. and other parts of New York. The U.K. and parts of Mexico are also showing intermittent issues. As for the Asian nations of Japan and South Korea, Twitter still appears to be entirely out. Users have taken to Down Detector’s page to post updates and voice their frustrations.

We’ve reached out to Twitter for an update, and will keep you posted on when you can expect full services to be restored.

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