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An editing suite for creators and organizers

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In a world of endless entertainment, staying on top of the content you enjoy and what you share with others is essential. Whether it is producing a slick video for your travel channel or splicing together different audio files to produce a lush podcast episode, having a tool that can edit and organize everything in one place can be the difference between staying sane and being overwhelmed with file conversions and an endless stream of user interfaces. When it comes to content management at this scale, Movavi appeals to both the content producer and content organizer, to the editing pro and, even more important, the editing novice.

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When it comes to editing tools, simpler means fewer distractions and headaches as you work on the videos, photos, or audio you care about. On this front, Movavi’s drag-and-drop timeline and easy-access toolbar makes editing videos and audio feel more like putting together a slideshow than laboring a reel-to-reel film into existence, with an impressive array of video effects, titles, and transitions ready to use in the sidebar. The overall effect of these features and the UI is to make Movavi’ feel like a more playful editor, one that encourages the user to mess around with different media without fear of making mistakes.

Part of this playfulness is Movavi’s hassle reduction. By linking your social media accounts, you can upload the content you have been working on directly to all your channels without having to log on to a single platform. If you want to edit and share your content right away rather than wait to get to your desktop, Movavi’s straightforward setup is well suited to its smartphone app form. Taking all these features to

gether, this editor is perfect for short clips of an adventure or historical moment captured in the wild, especially those that have the most impact when shared as quickly as possible.

Movavi isn’t just good for the journalists and video bloggers trying to get the word out, however. With a screen capture tool built into Movavi’s basic video suite package, you can go straight into editing the recording of your Zoom meeting or lecture. With more people than ever working remotely, being able to record and easily edit what is happening on your screen can be a game changer when summarizing meetings or presentations for future insight.

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Perhaps underappreciated by those who don’t remember the pre-streaming era is Movavi’s file conversion tool. As anyone who has worked from home knows: a tidy home is essential for a healthy state of mind. Today nothing represents unnecessary clutter better than a horde of DVD cases stacked under the TV or squeezed into an overloaded bookshelf. For those of us who are looking for ways to consolidate our entertainment into digital, Movavi editor stands apart in the video editing market by supporting most popular video files- including MP4, MPEG, and AVI. This comes in handy when splicing together old home videos, cleaning house, or when you want to be absolutely certain you will never be somewhere where you can’t watch your favorite movies or TV shows.

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Image used with permission by copyright holder

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