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Dish Military Deal: Get a free movie a month and a free upgrade

Man watching NFL on Dish.

It may be a long way from Veteran’s Day, but Dish has a special military offer that you can take advantage of right now if you want to watch via Dish satellite TV. Like all Dish offers, you’ll thousands of hours of DVR recording, access to Dish Anywhere for live TV on the go, a free dish installation, and locked-in pricing for the next two years. But, unlike typical Dish offers, you’ll also get a free premium on demand title each month and get the Stars & Stripes package added to your service, which is a $240 value over the course of two years. Tap the button below to see what Dish has to say about their military offer or keep reading for our in depth analysis of the extras.

Why you should get the military offer for Dish

For starters, you probably already know the deal — if you happen to live off the beaten path, it can be hard to get traditionally good internet or cable service. You can always get a long range TV antenna, but that will only do you so much good and limits you to local channels. In all other cases, a service like Dish is your friend. Dish works anywhere, can also be used as an app for on-the-go live programming, and has live sports programming.

Those involved with the military can get an extra bonus, too. In addition to the large catalog of free on demand titles that come with your service, you can get a free premium rental each month. This includes some of the latest Hollywood movies. The other big bonus of the military offer is free access to the Stars & Stripes package. This package includes the American Heroes Channel, Destination America, alongside big names like Reelz and Starz Encore.

If this sounds like a great deal for you and you’re a part of the military, just tap the button below to get started. Remember, you’ll get one premium on demand title each month and access to the Stars & Stripes package for free (worth $10 per month). If you already have one of the best TVs, this is one way to start getting good entertainment on it, no matter where you live.

Get eufy’s new flagship robot vacuum, Omni S1 Pro, at a discount before launch
eufy Omni S1 Pro robot vacuum and mop combo docking station

Deals come and go, but you rarely get the chance to save big before a new product launches. But that's precisely the case with eufy's brand-new flagship robot vacuum and mop combo, the Omni S1 Pro. Representing the pinnacle of the brand's design and technology, this innovative vacuum introduces a host of new and advanced features. From the built-in Eco-Clean Ozone generator to the TurboWash Roller Mop and the all-in-one station with triple self-cleaning support, the Omni S1 Pro is ready to transform your cleaning experiences for the better. Available on Kickstarter starting March 28 at 10AM (EST)  -- that's today -- you can take advantage of some incredible early-bird discounts that allow you to save big before the system even launches.

Here are some of the early-bird discounts available:

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Why finding quality pros for your business on Upwork is easier than ever
woman using Upwork to find top-tier talent

Finding talent and support can be difficult for a small to medium-sized operation with limited resources compared to some of the biggest brands in the business. Moreover, if you only have a local reach, you may be dealing with a much smaller talent pool and with fewer opportunities. You need a better way to access a wide range of talent, manage and communicate with those professionals, and organize administrative tasks like time tracking, payments, and so on. Most importantly, you need somewhere to find high-quality professionals who will get the work done on time and within budget. Cue , an incredibly valuable tool for small businesses and your ally in the modern digital marketplace.

Not only does it provide access to specialized and top-tier talent, it can help you scale your business by hiring the right professionals without incurring the extended costs of a long-time employee. Even better, Upwork can help you save more time by streamlining recruitment, hiring, and payroll tasks. That's mainly thanks to an intuitive and integrated payment system with "talent-matching features" that help you find or identify precisely the right professionals for your ask. Upwork makes it easier than ever to do just that.

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Get 50% off these incredible scent diffusers to luxuriate your living space
Hotel Collection scent diffuser with unique oils on sale

An excellent and convenient way to fill your home with luxurious, aromatic scents is to employ a diffuser, an electronic device that turns perfume-like oils into mist and disperses it into the surrounding air, in this case, the air in your living space or home. Hotel Collection is our favorite place to shop for new diffusers, supplies like oils, and other notable accessories. And wouldn't you know it? Right now, they're offering 50% off large diffusers when you use code JUSTFORYOU50 at checkout. That remarkable deal allows you to save half of the biggest diffusers from Hotel Collection, like the Penthouse or the Presidential models. They offer coverage for areas from 1,200 square feet up to 6,000 square feet, which means your entire home will smell splendid. Act soon because the deal will be over before you know it.
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Why you should buy a Hotel Collection scent diffuser for your home
You deserve a true sanctuary to come home to. Not just one that is clean and inviting but also smells divine, like the scent of homecooked baking, fresh linens, or . You know, the kind of encapsulating scents befitting of an elegant hotel -- only within the comfort of your home. That's precisely what Hotel Collection diffusers and scents can bring into your livable spaces.

Starting with the diffusers that make it all happen, there are a variety of options, from small, like the Studio Pro Scent Diffuser, which covers up to 600 square feet, to extra-large, like the Double Presidential Scent Diffuser, which covers up to 6,00 square feet. Whatever the size of your home, property, or living space, from condos to mansions, Hotel Collection has you covered.

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