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Gadgets that give you Superman powers

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Everyone wants to fly and be as fast as Superman. Watch Riley for a glimpse of what’s possible with a jetpack, bionic boots, and an exoskeleton suit. But since not everyone has a superhero budget and Superman has many incredible qualities, plus a day job reporting the truth – here are some gadgets that can enhance your speed, strength, vision, and hearing. While you’re watching the premiere of CW’s new series Superman and Lois, you can start thinking about what superhuman qualities you desire most. Because saving the world starts at home – here are a few suggestions for the Kent-Lanes to inspire you.

In Superman and Lois, Clark Kent and Lois Lane have moved back to Smallville with their two teenage boys in hopes of giving them a simple life. They don’t know their Dad’s full identity or whether they have his Kryptonite powers, yet. But every teenage boy could use some gadgets to feel cool and stay entertained and challenged as the new kids in a small town.

To get that rush of superhero life at home, getting the Oculus Quest 2 with no wires and no limits is the answer. Sprint Vector is the ultimate competitive VR game: a multiplayer parkour racing game making it the perfect way for Superman’s sons to experience running fast and leaping over tall buildings.

It’s not exactly Superman’s X-ray vision, but that is controversial, so these are close. Spectacles have two HD cameras that capture 3D photos and videos, and four built-in microphones for high-fidelity audio. Images from both cameras combine to build out a geometric map of the world. With a new sense of depth perception, the kids can reimagine memories and document their new surroundings.

With the Powerbeats Pro earbuds, the kids can experience super listening while still hearing their surroundings. Whether they’re listening to music or talking with old friends while wandering down country roads, they’ll pick up noises like sirens and horns, so they can look out for danger or chances to help out their new neighbors.

Teenagers already feel invincible, but it never hurts to go deeper. Airofit generates resistance on your respiratory muscles. Making breathing muscles faster, stronger, and more efficient which ‘creates’ or ‘allows for’ a fast difference in performance. Combined with breathing exercises the boys will gain the skills to stay cool and calm in any situation.

Clark and Lois will need their special tech to adjust to the simple life. As award-winning journalists, they’ll want to start a podcast to keep their journalist skills sharp and reach their audience. A Blue Yeti is the perfect plug-and-play mic to showcase their perspective, designed to improve and enhance the quality of their podcast immediately. Lois also deserves a chic yet practical gadget like a gold stainless steel Apple Watch so she can be available for the boys while meeting her own goals.

With endless tech gadgets for strength, speed, and sharper senses, you can start saving the world from home too. But first, sit back and tune in for the 2 Hour Premiere Event of Superman and Lois on Tuesday, at 8/7c.  Available for free streaming the next day only on The CW App.

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