With Motion Tracking and Keyframing, Wondershare Filmora X Will Turn Your Imagination into Video Clips with Fewer Clicks

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Having great-looking video to share is more important than ever, whether you’re a content creator, a small-business owner, or someone who just wants cool videos to show family and friends. With the all new Wondershare Filmora X video editor, anyone can drag and drop their way to extraordinary videos and do it without breaking the bank.

In a major upgrade to the already popular Filmora9, Wondershare Filmora X (as in “10”) is equipped with a host of updated features. It’s specifically designed for video editors looking for advanced animation and editing tools, including two exciting and frequently requested new features — motion tracking and keyframing.

Here’s an overview of some of the upgraded features in Filmora X that users will love having in their video-editing toolkits.

Motion Tracking

The motion tracking feature of the new Filmora X is not only advanced but highly intuitive, making it very easy to use for beginners and intermediate editors as well. Now you can follow the movement of an object in your video clip and apply the exact same movement to a completely different object, inserting it in just a few clicks. The opportunities for fun and creativity are endless.


If you’re interested in animating your videos as well, you can use the new keyframing feature in Filmora X to give the illusion of movement around a specific object in your video. Filmora X offers users one-click pre-sets for a simple keyframe experience; or, you have the option to just animate freely. Either way, you can bring your videos to life in a quick and easy fashion — editable pre-sets make this the easiest keyframing experience around.

“But Wait, There’s More!”

Even more new features in the editing toolkit, such as color matching and audio ducking, allow every Filmora X user to create video projects with layers of clips, cool animations, and fun effects.

Available for Windows and Mac, get the best value with a perpetual license on Wondershare Filmora X now for just $69.99, or try it for a year with an annual subscription. Download it right from the Wondershare Filmora X webpage, where you can even try it out for free!

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