How to use Siri to mediate a conversation between an iMac and a vintage Mac 512K

An app developer with a fascination for a particular type of vintage iMac tweaks it to work with some of his more modern Apple devices, including the iPhone, the iPad, and the iMac.

AT&T defends its unlock policy, saying it has a ‘Bottom Line’

AT&T is hated for a lot of reasons, and one more to add is its continual resistance to opening up its cellphone unlock policy. AT&T has released a statement not only defending its actions, but rebuking critcism against the company

Double rumor: Apple to fit Snapdragon processor into cheap iPhone

The cheap Apple iPhone rumors keep on coming, with the latest concerning the firm's choice of processor. It may break with tradition and source a Snapdragon chip rather than fit one of its own A series processors, according to a recent…

Tweetdeck is dead! Long live the numerous tweet management alternatives

If you were an avid user of Tweetdeck, you should know that soon it will stop working. Start looking for your next Twitter app and consider these examples to help you fill that Twitter hole in your social networking.

Intel and Apple rumored to be discussing iPhone processor manufacturing deal

Intel and Apple are rumored to be in talks for the chip manufacturer to take over production of Apple's A series processors, giving Intel's contract side of its business a boost and allowing Apple to distance itself from Samsung.

Google updates Maps for iPhone with local icons, Google Contacts search and more

In its first update since launching its new Maps app for iDevices three months ago, Google has introduced a number of new features, including new icons for quick local searches and integration with Google Contacts.

BMW Ultimate Drive app offers function for BMW owners, fun for everyone

The BMW Ultimate Drive app offers fun for every car enthusiast on the road as well as a lot of functionality for BMW owners. You can follow, share and add local drive routes for laid-back or thrilling weekend afternoons.

Everpix takes photo sorting to the next level by knowing what’s in your pics

Using semantic analysis, Everpix's proprietary algorithms can organize your photos not just by date and time, but also by the subjects and objects within. A free account is now available for users to try out.

Apple’s Lightning AV adapter is actually a computer, uses Airplay for TV-out, and has some problems

For once, it seems Apple has a good excuse to charge so much for its AV adapter. We've learned that the accessory actually has an ARM computer inside of it. But it also has one big flaw, as well.

Say what? Apple nearly called the iPhone the ‘TelePod’, ‘Mobi’, ‘TriPod’ and even ‘iPad’

The iPhone almost wasn't called the iPhone. It was nearly called the 'TelePod’, ‘Mobi’, ‘TriPod’ and even ‘iPad’. The behind-the-scenes details were revealed on Monday by Ken Segall, a former ad agency creative director who…

Rumor: Apple working on two phones, one with plastic casing and low price, the other with 4.5-inch display to replace iPhone 5

Apple is reported to be prepping two new handsets – a competitively priced plastic model and a replacement for the iPhone 5 with a larger, 4.5-inch display. This phone, however, may not arrive until 2014.

Turn your iPhone into a touch and gesture computer mouse with Mauz

With Mauz, a little dongle that you plug into your iPhone's connector, your phone instantly becomes a really smart mouse that can understand touch, gesture, and motion controls.