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Close up of ChatGPT and OpenAI logo.

Here’s how ChatGPT could solve its major plagiarism problem

ChatGPT is a convincing writer that sounds like an expert on any topic, which is a problem for educators that need to test their students' understanding.
Metaphor works like DALL-E and Stable Diffusion but uses AI to fill in prompts with links instead of text or images.

These 7 AI creation tools show how much AI can really do

Popular AI tools like ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion have taken the world by storm, but here are seven that you probably haven't heard of.
Microsoft HQ 2

Microsoft invests billions in ChatGPT maker OpenAI

Microsoft said it will lead to advancements in AI supercomputing and research, and enable both firms to commercialize the resulting AI technologies.
Image with languages displaying in front of a man on his laptop for Meta's 200 languages within a single AI model video.

The AI expert at Meta has some harsh criticism of ChatGPT

Meta's AI chief reportedly said ChatGPT isn't particularly innovative, and simply builds upon decades-old work while being very well engineered.
Google Search with San Francisco wallpaper showing Google Account Safety Status icon over profile picture.

Google turns to AI as it lays off 12,000 employees

Google is concerned about getting left behind as other companies are making artificial intelligence popular.
ChatGPT and OpenAI logos.

How to detect ChatGPT plagiarism — and why it’s becoming so difficult

I tested out some of the most popular ChatGPT plagiarism detector apps, and discovered just how tricky catching AI can be.
ChatGPT AI bot running a phone.

ChatGPT agrees: it shouldn’t write the articles you read

A story about AI-generated articles has taken the internet by storm, but AI bot ChatGPT itself says that AI shouldn't be used to generate content.
ChatGPT and OpenAI logos.

Investigation exposes murkier side of ChatGPT and the AI chatbot industry

A Time investigation has exposed the murkier side of the AI chatbot industry, highlighting how at least one startup has been using questionable practices.
ChatGPT intro page.

I tried ChatGPT to search for TV and movie info, and here’s what I found

ChatGPT is making waves as a chatbot that can answer queries in conversational form, so I put it to the test for searches related to movies and TV.
Tom Cruise in Minority Report.

The best movies to watch if you like (or are afraid of) ChatGPT

ChatGPT is the newest obsession in the world of artificial intelligence. If you like this new chatbot, then check out these 6 films to watch.
Character_ai public room

Character.AI: how to use this entertaining ChatGPT alternative

Character.AI is stepping in as a ChatGPT alternative at a time when the popular chatbot is facing troubleshooting issues. See how its competitor works.
ChatGPT and OpenAI logos.

This ChatGPT scam duped thousands of people into downloading fake app

Scammers have attempted to profit from OpenAI's ChatGPT AI text generator on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
man speaking into phone

This AI can spoof your voice after just three seconds

Microsoft has revealed VALL-E, an artificial intelligence that can replicate any voice using a three-second sample. It has huge potential -- and huge risks too.
Bibliography in Word on a desktop computer.

Microsoft might put ChatGPT into Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint

There is word that Microsoft is in collaboration with OpenAI to use its GPT model to bring AI text generation to its Office suite.
A person on the Google home page while using a MacBook Pro laptop on a desk.

How ChatGPT could help Microsoft dethrone Google Search

Microsoft has a secret plan to steal Google’s search crown, and it involves incorporating the ChatGPT AI into its Bing search engine. But will it work?
Watching a video on the iPhone 14 Plus.

Forget text-to-image; this AI makes videos from your prompts

Here's an early look at text-to-video, the next frontier of AI generation that might explode onto the scene in 2023, along with other visual wonders.
A Dall-E creation of a robot writing a document.

5 amazing things people have already done with ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a text-based system but here are five ways to use AI to help create graphics, animation, music, and even a whole book.
Ghostwriter completed on work bench.

ChatGPT allows this nightmarish AI typewriter to talk to you

A classic Brother AX-325 typewriter straight out the '90s has gained ChatGPT powers and can have conversations with you, on paper anyway.
Tracey Truly used ChatGPT to look up gift ideas for Alan Truly.

I used the ChatGPT AI chatbot to do my holiday shopping this year

Here's how ChatGPT'' advanced artificial intelligence was leveraged to solve one of the most urgent needs of our time -- making a holiday gift list!
The Lensa AI app on an iPhone.

Lensa app: How to use the image generator to make AI selfies

The Lensa app allows you to create new selfies of yourself using AI. Want to check it out? Here's how to get started!
A close up of a tarot card.

I used ChatGPT to interpret my astrological makeup, and it was surprisingly good

I used the ChatGPT general-purpose chatbot developed by OpenAI to interpret tarot cards and astrological combinations and discovered some interesting results.
AI image generators are being tested for various biases that might come up in their machine learning systems.

AI image generators appear to propagate gender and race stereotypes

AI image generators are being tested for various biases that might come up in their machine learning systems.
Midjourney River image.

How to use Midjourney to generate AI images

AI-generated images have never been more popular, and Midjourney is one of the best tools. Here's how to access the AI and what to know about using it.
microsoft designer app offers dall e experience for more creative projects

Microsoft’s new Designer app offers DALL-E-like AI art creation for all

Microsoft Designer is a new AI-powered new creator tool that lets the technology do most of the work in developing a creative project.
DALL-E images created from a text prompt.

Image-generating AI Dall-E is now free for anyone to play with

The company OpenAI has made its text-to-art generator DALL-E free to the public after a waitlist period.
A video created via AI, featuring a creature typing in a hat.

Meta made DALL-E for video, and it’s both creepy and amazing

Meta created an AI that can turn your typed words into videos, and it's both creepy and cool.
image depicting AI, with neurons branching out from humanoid head

Why AI will never rule the world

Despite fears that AI will one day take over the world, some experts contend that our existing AI systems are incapable of surpassing human intelligence
Nvidia Jetson Orin Nano system-on-module.

Nvidia’s $200 Jetson Orin Nano minicomputer is 80 times faster than the previous version

Nvidia has just expanded its system-on-module family with the addition of the Jetson Orin Nano. It will deliver up to 80x the performance of its predecessor.
pitched startup to robot vc waterdrone

I pitched my ridiculous startup idea to a robot VC

To test the AI behind PitchExpert, I pitched an idea for a totally ridiculous water delivery startup -- and the feedback I got was jaw-droppingly good
Artificial intelligence digital eye closeup.

Optical illusions could help us build the next generation of AI

Computer vision algorithms can't see optical illusions as we humans can -- and scientists are using that quirk to their advantage
An android touches a face on the wall in Ex Machina.

How will we know when an AI actually becomes sentient?

Many scientists and technologists believe AI will eventually become sentient. But how will we know when that happens? Currently, there's no good way to tell.
blonde woman with an expressionless face looks at camera while laser lights scan her features

Microsoft quits its creepy, emotion-reading A.I.

Microsoft announced it will stop the distribution of its emotion-reading A.I. and heavily restrict its facial recognition software.
coronavirus crisis not ready for an online first world analysis zoom conference lifestyle image

Zoom’s A.I. tech to detect emotion during calls upsets critics

Critics are calling out the video-conferencing company Zoom over concerns that its A.I. tech that can read emotions might find discriminatory uses.
A woman's hand is held by a robot's hand.

Finishing touch: How scientists are giving robots humanlike tactile senses

Giving robots sight and hearing is fairly straightforward these days, but equipping them with a robust sense of touch is far more difficult.