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NFL Upping The Tech Game

The most popular sport in America deserves the most advanced technology. From the players and stadiums to its game coverage and apps, the NFL leverages the latest in wearables, mobile connectivity, data modeling, streaming, and more to make football safer and smarter. Read on to see how it’s a touchdown all-around for fans of football and tech.

Game Day tech essentials

This article is sponsored by Verizon. With the NFL season about to kick off and many communities still abiding by Covid-19 gathering restrictions, the best place to watch football this year looks to be in the comfort of your own home. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the energy and […]
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How to watch NFL Season games

This article is sponsored by Verizon. If you have a cable subscription and live near your home team, then watching all 18 weeks this NFL season is easy: just tune to FOX, NBC, CBS, ESPN, or use one of their apps to stream the game to your phone. But if you’re reading […]
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The technologies powering Allegiant Stadium

This article is sponsored by Verizon. Home to the Las Vegas Raiders, Allegiant Stadium is the NFL’s newest. The domed arena—a must in the Nevada desert—was constructed at a cost of $1.9 billion, with over $1.1 billion provided by the Raiders. The stadium’s design is bold (its exterior has been compared to a spaceship and […]
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