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Anthony McGlynn

Anthony McGlynn

Anthony is a heavy metal fan and freelance writer and critic with work published in GamesMaster, PC Gamer and PCGamesN among others. His favourite games include Mass Effect, Silent Hill 2 and Flower, and he liked pro wrestling before it was cool. Tweet him horror recommendations @AntoMcG

ben wheatley minecraft free fire

Facebook is using Minecraft to train AI assistants, one block at a time

Engineers and researchers at Facebook are using Minecraft to build artificial intelligence that can assist players in the game. They’ve made a version for the public, so researchers around the world can collaborate using Minecraft as a research tool.
sea quest hero dementia research

How doctors are fighting Alzheimer’s with a cleverly designed VR game

Between mobile and VR, Sea Hero Quest has been gathering data for the last three years for the purposes of dementia research. Now that studies have confirmed the game served its purpose, the development team and their scientific consultants look towards the future and the most beneficial use of their work.

How Google Stadia and game streaming services will hurt game creators

With Google Stadia on the horizon, games streaming platforms are about to become mainstream, and with that comes concerns for the future of games development. As these services promise a world where gaming is more convenient than ever, it’s a future that will damage the way people consume games.
Persona 5

How skillful translations helped these Japanese video games gain global appeal

Translators have helped double the worldwide audience of some Japanese games, giving players keen insight into Japanese culture in the process. It’s something the gaming industry could see more of in the future, as long as companies approach the localization of their games with their targeted audience in mind.
spiderman settings

The deaf gamers making gaming more accessible

A group of deaf and hard-of-hearing players have taken to social media, blogs, and streaming to increase awareness of accessibility issues in the gaming industry.