Basem Wasef

Basem Wasef

Basem Wasef is a motorcycle and automotive journalist with two coffee table books (Legendary Motorcycles and Legendary Race Cars) under his belt. A contributor to Automobile, Men’s Journal, and Wired, among others, Basem has logged tens of thousands of miles of miles in search of the perfect road. When’s he’s not traveling the world testing the latest two, three, and four-wheeled vehicles, he enjoys calling Los Angeles home.

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650 supercharged horses elevate the Corvette Z06 from sports car to supercar

For a mere $78,995, the 2015 Corvette Z06 will go toe to 0-to-60 toe with even the most hardened supercars. Because of this, though, the car’s existence is almost a shame, as the punchy, involving, finely engineered creature will more…