Jeff Barrett

Jeff Barrett

Jeff Barrett is a Forbes Top 50 writer in Social Media and won a 2015 Shorty Award for Best Business Blogger. He's Business Insider's #1 Ad Executive, stands 6' 0", weighs in at 195 lbs and rocks a record of 58-1-1 in not spoiling Game of Thrones.

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3 ways social media is warping politics more than ever

We may treat politics as a spectator sport on Facebook and Twitter, but our reactions there are feeding back into the system and changing the process more than ever.

I, for one, welcome our new automated robot overlords

Automation isn’t a bad thing; we’re not going to be attacked by vacuums, after all, and there are plenty of conveniences it supplies. But are we reaching a tipping point where we start to trust computers and robots more than humans?

Is Pokémon ruining reality or augmenting it? Who cares, just enjoy the chase

The world’s pundits are tearing their hair out trying to figure out whether Pokémon is good or bad, but to really understand it, you just need to fire up the app and go for a stroll.

Can you spend a week speaking only in emojis? I wouldn’t recommend it

I spent a week conducting all my online conversations in the emojis, and while my fiancé hasn’t called off our engagement (yet), I discovered that our 21st century hieroglyphics have some flaws.