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John Sciacca

John Sciacca

Former Digital Trends Contributor

John Sciacca is a full-time custom installer/designer and an a-lot-of-the-time writer whose groundbreaking columns, reviews and features for Sound & Vision Magazine helped bring awareness of custom installation into the mainstream. Along with his work at Custom Theater & Audio in Murrells Inlet, SC, John is a regular contributor to Residential Systems and has a popular blog, "John Sciacca Writes . . . ," where he covers everything from high-end electronics to high-end beers, with a lot of random musings in between. He can also be found on Twitter at @SciaccaTweets.

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Honey! The Cable Company Wants To Automate Our Home!

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Smarten up your dumb house with Z-Wave automation

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Cops have nowhere to hide when your radar detector teams up with others online

The Escort 9500ix, with it's SmartCord accessory and Escort apps, is changing the way radar detectors work. Now, crowdsourcing has come to spotting cops.
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Kaleidescape Cinema One Review

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5 easy DIY projects to automate your house on the cheap

You don't have to have boatloads of cash to live like a playboy in a penthouse. Check out these five DIY projects that will pimp your pad in no time.
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When a bedsheet won’t do: The ultimate guide to projector screens

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In this guide, we cover DIY projector installation from start to finish to ensure you get the best possible viewing experience from your home theater.
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Your home is dumb, but making it smart is cheaper than you think

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Geometry, aspect ratios, and why you should love those black bars on your TV

Do the black bars you see with your movies drive you nuts? You aren't alone. We explain why they're there and what you can and can't do about them.
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PRIMA Cinema brings in-the-theaters movies home for $500 each … and it’s worth it!

John Sciacca reviews the Prima Cinema, a $35,000, security-clad box that brings movies to your home theater the moment they appear in commercial theaters.