John Sciacca

John Sciacca

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John Sciacca is a full-time custom installer/designer and an a-lot-of-the-time writer whose groundbreaking columns, reviews and features for Sound & Vision Magazine helped bring awareness of custom installation into the mainstream. Along with his work at Custom Theater & Audio in Murrells Inlet, SC, John is a regular contributor to Residential Systems and has a popular blog, "John Sciacca Writes . . . ," where he covers everything from high-end electronics to high-end beers, with a lot of random musings in between. He can also be found on Twitter at @SciaccaTweets.

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Smart Home

Honey! The Cable Company Wants To Automate Our Home!

Time Warner and Comcast are rolling out home security and automation plans that pair basic controls of lights and heating with more traditional cameras and monitoring. Would this keep you from cutting the cord?
Smart Home

Smarten up your dumb house with Z-Wave automation

The days of expensive installers wiring complicated and quickly obsolete home automation are nearly over, thanks to a new low cost, easy-to-manage radio frequency protocol that sounds like a bad skateboard brand.

Cops have nowhere to hide when your radar detector teams up with others online

If you haven’t owned a detector before or haven’t upgraded yours for a while, you’ll be amazed at the technology packed inside the Passport 9500ix. Just one "save" instantly pays for the 9500ix in saved insurance premiums and fines.
Product Review

Kaleidescape Cinema One Review

Kaleidescape literally invented the movie server category, and their systems have been beloved by the mega-wealthy for over 12 years. Kaleidescape systems make managing and exploring movie collections easier and better than ever, with…
Emerging Tech

5 easy DIY projects to automate your house on the cheap

You don't need boatloads of cash and a professional installer to
Home Theater

When a bedsheet won’t do: The ultimate guide to projector screens

Choosing a projector screen can be difficult -- here's what you need to know.