Here’s what early reviews of the Apple Watch have to say about it

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Apple Watch

On the eve of the eagerly anticipated Apple Watch, reviews have begun trickling out like clockwork. The verdict? Apple’s first smartwatch does some things spectacularly, some things rather poorly, and everything with a measure of unwieldiness not unlike that which typified the earliest iPhones.

“The Apple Watch is far from perfect,” Farhad Manjoo writes for the New York Times. “[It] works like a first-generation device, with all the limitations and flaws you’d expect of brand-new technology.”

“There are rough spots,” Joshua Topolsky of Bloomberg Business concedes.

Appearance: The best-looking smartwatch around

But the device has its high points. Yahoo Tech’s David Pogue compliments its design, writing the Apple Watch is “smaller, sleeker, and more beautiful than any other smartwatch […] It’s the difference between wearing jewelry and strapping on a little phone.”

Lance Ulanoff of Mashable goes a step further: “Everything about the Apple Watch whispers craftsmanship,” he writes. “[The Apple Watch] is gorgeous, smart, fun extensible, expensive […] and an object of true desire.”

Taptic Engine: More than just hype

Reviewers seemed universally impressed with the Apple Watch’s Taptic engine, which notifies of iMessage notifications, emails, and reminders with distinctive vibrations. “It’s the wildest, strangest thing,” Pogue (Yahoo) writes. “It’s subtle, but un-missable, especially when accompanied by the silvery audible ping and chimes that designate different notifications.” Topolsky (Bloomberg) calls its oscillations “strikingly realistic,” like “a bell tapping on your wrist.”

Apple Watch

By Manjoo’s (NYT) estimation, “If such onbody messaging systems become more pervasive, wearable devices can become more than a mere flash accessory to the phone.” He opines, “The Apple Watch could usher in a transformation of social norms just as profound as we saw with its brother, the smartphone — except, amazingly, in reverse.”

Battery Life: As promised, if not better

That sounds a bit hyperbolic, but at least the Apple Watch will last you all day.

Apple’s battery estimations appear to be on point. “Battery life may have been the best surprise of all. Almost every single day I used the Apple Watch I ended the day with at least 30 percent power left – even when I turned up the brightness to 100 percent,” Ulanoff (Mashable) writes.

Other reports are more measured, but still positive. Lauren Goode of Recode says the Apple Watch’s battery life “is not nearly as long-lasting as some other wearable devices, but it’s better than I expected.” According to Geoffrey Fowler of The Wall Street Journal, it “lives up to its all-day billing, but sometimes just barely. It’s often nearly drained at bedtime.”

Fitness: Surprisingly intelligent and deep

Other Apple Watch characteristics in the plus column? The fitness features. “Apple’s beautiful and frictionless approach to teaching people about exercise habits is a leap in the right direction,” says Topolsky (Bloomberg).

Apple Watch Fitness

Pogue (Yahoo) was particularly taken by the accuracy of its measurements. “The watch soon learns how much distance you cover with each footstep – it even differentiates between the quicker footsteps and slower ones,” he writes. “That is slick.”

Pay: Magical

Remember that demonstration of the Apple Pay on the Watch? It’s apparently as awesome in practice as it looked on video.

Manjoo describes it as “magical.” Goode says it’s “pretty cool.” But more importantly, it’s “incredibly easy,” according to Ulanoff (Mashable). “Maybe a bit too easy,” he reflects –“[i]t made the act of spending money feel like a routine magic trick with no consequences, even though the funds were definitely coming out of my bank account.”

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