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Rock the Roxford, and your fitness tracker will always go with your outfit

The hybrid smartwatch is already a versatile piece of tech, often combining classic timepiece looks with fitness tracking abilities, for discreet daily use. The Roxford is the latest example, and it goes one step beyond being simply suitable for general wear, by using a modular design to make it quickly adaptable to different everyday situations, ensuring it always looks great.

The Roxford | Cardiff Design

It does this by hiding the fitness tracking technology in the watch strap clasp, leaving the watch body alone, and providing four different strap designs. There’s a suave 316L stainless steel bracelet, a classy leather band, a sporty silicone strap, and perhaps most cleverly of all, a silicone replacement for the watch face itself — converting the hybrid smartwatch into a traditional fitness band. Switching straps looks easy, as standard spring-loaded quick release pins found on many watch straps are used.

The fitness tracker counts your steps, monitors sleep, and records calorie burn and distance traveled. The battery inside lasts for about 12 days, and has a magnetic charging system, while the body is made from stainless steel and is water resistant up to 50 meters. The watch body will survive down to 100 meters, and is also built from stainless steel, with a Swiss quartz movement inside. A mineral crystal covers the minimalist face. Happily, the Roxford comes in two sizes — 44mm and 38mm — making it suitable for most wrist sizes, and the entire body is only 8.5mm thick on the 44mm version.

It connects using Bluetooth to an Android or iOS app, and will sync data with Apple Health, Google Fit, and some third-party platforms including Fitbit. The clasp can recognize taps to control certain functions on your phone, such as a triple tap to start or stop music playback, and a double tap to advance tracks.

The Roxford is available on Indiegogo, and the campaign has a target of $50,000, with more than $16,000 raised at the time of writing. To get the Roxford watch, four straps, and a travel case, you’ll pay $170 if you catch the early offer, or from $184 upwards if you miss out. There are various different body and strap color combinations to choose from too. Provided the campaign meets its target, the Roxford watch is expected to ship in November this year.

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