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Digital Britain Report Results

Digital Britain Report Results

A new report from government communications agency Ofcom has throw up some interesting details about digital life in Britain, not least the fact that there are now more rural households with broadband connections than urban households (59% v. 57%) – the first time that’s happened.

Ofcom chief executive Ed Richards commented:

"Our report highlights a closing of the geographical digital divide in the UK. Rural households are today as well connected to broadband as their urban neighbours."

For reasons no one seems to understand, Sunderland, in the northeast of England, is the UK’s most connected city, with 66% of households using broadband connections and 96% using digital TV.

The report also paints a picture of a changing country, with 30% have used the mobile Web, and 20% of households no longer having landline connections, with around 30% of the population watching video online.

Edinburgh led the watching TV online stakes, with 45% of respondents having done that, and Dundee was ahead on owning a 3G phone with 29%. 26% of respondents in Aberdeen had used VoIP. Put all that together and it would indicate that Scotland is more advanced than England.

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