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eBay Offers New eBay Live Program

eBay Offers New eBay Live Program

Auction giant eBay has unveiled its new set of policies, called eBay Live, that aims to boost use of the site by both buyers and sellers by offering incentives to each. Both buyers and sellers will find expanded PayPal coverage, meaning that not only will buyers now have full coverage, but sellers, too, so that if a payment proves to be fraudulent, they’ll still receive their money in full, as long as the transaction is made using PayPal.

There are also sales incentives for those with Power Seller ratings. They’ll get a 20% discount on sales commissions – as long as they’ve achieved a 4.9 rating in all the seller categories. Some sellers will also be offered UPS shipping discounts for items sold via eBay.

Lorrie Norrington, eBay’s president of marketplace operations, said:

"We’re combining the power of eBay and PayPal to give all buyers and sellers more confidence and trust. Buyers who pay with PayPal on eBay will be covered, with no limits, on most transactions. Any seller who gets paid with PayPal will be covered on most transactions, too, and can ship to 190 countries worldwide where PayPal is accepted."

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