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Site Owner Killed In Russia

In what might be very chilling news, journalist Magomed Yevloyev, who ran a site loudly opposing the Kremlin-back regime in Russia’s troubled Ingushetia region, has been killed by police, the Guardian reports.

Yevloyev ran the site Ingushetiya.ru, where he accused Russia of crushing free speech in the area.

According to reports, he flown into Ingushetian capital of Nazran from Moscow, and was met by police at the airport. Kaloi Akhilgov told Reuters:

"As they drove he was shot in the temple … They threw him out of the car near the hospital. He was discovered there and they quickly put him on the operating table, which is where he died."

The Interfax news agency cited an anonymous source to say Yevloyev had been shot accidentally and that prosecutors had opened an investigation.