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Soldier Jailed For Facebook Picture

Soldier Jailed For Facebook PictureOn the face of it, the story seems unbelievable. An Israeli soldier puts his picture on Facebook. To be fair, it was taken on the military base where he serves,but even so…However, a court didn’t look kindly on the action, and sentenced him to 19 days in jail.   The soldier, part of an intelligence unit, meaning the pictures could haverevealed secret information. Members of the Israeli Air force have already been told to remove all pictures from Facebook and other social networking sites, according to the newspaper Haaretz. Although the same restrictions don’t apply to members of the Israeli Defence Forces, they have been warned of the dangers.   A review earlier thisyear showed that armed forces personnel had posted pictures that could help enemies, and the BBC has said that militants often monitor social networking and photosharing sites in the hope of discovering more information from pictures.

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