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Track Fido Anywhere

Envision this: you take Fido for a walk and bring him home. You leave the front door open by accident and while you are distracted, your beloved runs out unnoticed. Half an hour later, you notice it’s too quiet. Panic mode time? Not so, says England-based Sarantel, if you have a PB100 pet tracking device attached to him.

The PB100 is liweight, water resistant and attaches to your pet’s collar. It uses built-in GPS and GSM technologies to help pass information on your lost dog’s location to Locatis, a location tracking specialization company Sarantel works with. Once you’ve notified Locatis your animal has gone missing via phone, SMS or the Internet, the company estimates the pet’s position and reports back to the owner.

“Now that the technology has improved and prices are going down, consumers (and their dogs) are salivating for new ‘asset tracking’ applications based on GPS/GSM technology,” said David Wither, Sarantel CEO. “Locatis’s pet tracker, which depends upon flawless reception in a wide variety of circumstances, really demonstrates the technical excellence of our GPS antenna.”

Sarantel said the PB100 will be on sale in September. More information on the pet tracking device can be dug up here.

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