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TSA Wants Better Laptop Bags

TSA Wants Better Laptop BagsYou know what it’s like. You’re in the airport, waiting to go through security and you have to remove your laptop from its bag. Then it has to be checked out by hand before its returnedto you. It’s a relatively lengthy process, and the Transport Security Administration wants to speed it up. They’re asking for designs forlaptop bags that can be X-rayed, so the machines won’t have to be removed, Vnunet reports. "The goal of this ‘TSA recognized’ laptop bag would be toenhance the security process by eliminating one screening requirement at the checkpoint, thereby lowering travellers’ stress levels and reducing the number of claims for lost or damagedlaptops," said TSA administrator Kip Hawley.   Manufacturers have until April 17 to submit a design with a prototype due in May. However, there are strict guidelines. The bag can be nomore than 16 inches in height, 24-inches wide and 36-inches long, and with no power supply or straps to interfere with X-rays.  

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